Why Select me to Represent you when Buying Your Next Home

Buying or selling a home will typically be the largest single transaction of anyone’s life. Having the right representation in home buying process will help protect your interests. Having expertise in the local real estate market can help assure that you are making the right decision. As your buyers agent I will help you select the right property, negotiate on your behalf in order to get the best possible price for your new home, and help you throughout the home buying process.

As your  Real estateagent, I have 3 roles.

Role 1 – Consultant

  1. I ask questions.
  2. I take the risk of asking questions.
  3. I discover what’s important to you.
  4. I lead and your choices are easy.
  5. I listen vigilantly (to understand what’s important to you).
  6. I craft a strategic process for you.
  7. I define problems.
  8. I anticipate obstacles.
  9. I identify solutions.
  10. I balance everyone’s needs.
  11. I recognize my mistakes openly.
  12. I am willing to change.
  13. I admit my biases.
  14. I help you realize your dreams.
 As your consultant, you may notice I will ask you profound, insightful questions.
Experience shows that a skilled consultant like me will ask you probing, intelligent questions because discovering what is really important to you, is really important to me.
You may notice how quickly you can (see/hear/feel) that as your consultant, it is important that I lead you through the process of clarifying your values, because when your values are clear, your choices are easy, and you want to make good, easy choices, do you not?

Role 2 – Negotiator

  1. I am like a pit bull.
  2. I am skilled, experienced and focused.
  3. I critically examine assumptions.
  4. I skillfully articulate.
  5. I am worth it.
  6. I am responsible.
  7. I anticipate.
  8. I identify flaws.
  9. I am committed to you.
I treat your money like it is mine. When it is time to save you or make you money, I am like a Pit Bull.
Like me, you probably believe it’s in your best interest to have a skilled, experienced and focused negotiator on your team.

As a result you will sooner or later become aware that my negotiating skills alone are worth every penny you pay me.

Role 3 – I Oversee All the Transactional Details 
  1. I oversee details.
  2. I dot the is and cross the ts.
  3. I integrate complexity.
  4. I am your pilot.
  5. I understand turbulence.
  6. I recognize the need for accurate information.
  7. I see multiple perspectives.
  8. I identify unintended consequences.
  9. I recognize details so you can relax.
  10. I consider effects and consequences.
  11. I encourage feedback.


  • Assist you throughout the entire home buying process.
  • Engage in a thorough review of all local area homes for sale and schedule time for you to view these properties.
  • Help negotiate on your behalf to get the best possible price for your new home.
  • Provide you with a comprehensive review of the local real estate market.
  • Help you understand the quality of our local schools.
  • Walk you through the entire home buying process.

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